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Welcome to Compliance and Policy

At UC Davis, compliance is a shared responsibility.  All members of the university community are responsible for adhering to University policies as well as the laws and regulations that apply in our environment.  The UC Davis Office of Compliance and Policy promotes ethical conduct and a culture of compliance by educating community members about their compliance responsibilities; responding to concerns regarding unethical and noncompliant behavior, including conducting investigations into violations of the University’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, Nondiscrimination, Whistleblower and Whistleblower Protection policies as well as allegations of police misconduct; maintaining accessible and comprehensive policies and procedures; and providing leadership for the University’s Title IX, Clery Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Affirmative Action and privacy programs.  This website provides information about these programs and how to file complaints, and links to other compliance resources at UC Davis and UC Davis Health.


Whistleblower Complaint Form

Whistleblower Retaliation Complaint Form

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence 

Police Accountability Complaint Form

Report Hate and Bias


California State Auditor - Annual Notification to Employees

UC Davis Whistleblower Poster